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Kim Burns, Founder

I am a mother and a food lover! When my daughter Anna Mae was 6 months old, I planned on preparing her meals myself, with only the freshest, foods California had to offer. This was a great idea in theory, but as a working Mom I sometimes found myself with an empty fridge and not enough time. So I resorted to feeding Anna Mae jarred/pouched baby food from the grocery store. To my surprise, there was not a fresh option available in San Francisco. You could find frozen and jarred baby food, but the taste left little to be desired. Why wasn’t someone making fresh baby food in San Francisco? It dawned on me – Why not do this myself? I enjoy making my own baby food and am passionate about eating locally. Anna Mae had developed a great palate which I attributed to the many fresh flavors and textures she’d been exposed to at an early age.

I know many busy Moms out there like me, searching for better baby food options than are presently available. Whether you are not a fan of cooking or just don’t have the time, we can help make your life easier while expanding your child’s palate.


    Marjan EsserRight Hand Woman



Meet Marjan: a chef, a mom, and a blender perfectionist. Marjan joined Flourish Foods (formerly Fresh Baby Bites) in 2012 and has been a ‘right hand woman’ to the business ever since. She has worked all the different aspects of the business but keeps coming back to the kitchen, where the magic happens. She loves experimenting with different flavors and is always trying to make dinnertime an easy experience for the whole family.


         Kristin Kotack, Certified Natural Chef        

The food journalist Mark Bittman says it perfectly, “personal food choices are more potent than anything else you can do in the realm of climate change, animal welfare, the environment and certainly your own health.”
Hello! My name is Kristin Kotack aka Recipe Remedy, a Natural Foods Chef and Alternative Foods Advisor. Originally from Toronto Canada, a wonderfully diverse city in southwestern Ontario. We like to say things like “eh” and have foods like bacon and poutine. I now live in San Francisco with my Husband Jeffery and our 18 month old son, Levi. 
My journey with food and health as a career interest is a culmination of my life, love of cooking, cultures, health and the principals of the mind, body and spirit. Embracing a practice of yoga four years ago, has naturally led me to learn the principals of well being and nutrition.
Coming from a long background in graphic design and branding, I long for visual simplicity and beautiful lush photography. The love I have for healthful foods reflect those same views in my cooking style.
To build upon this passion for knowledge of nutrition and prevention of disease, I attended Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. As we learned traditional and new ways of using food for therapeutic purposes, we saw how to inspire, motivate and educate individuals to know more about the foods they are eating. Cooking with seasonal, organic, unrefined and local foods to support our small farmers and feed individuals and families quality nutrient-dense meals – that taste great too
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Happy feeding!
Kim & The Flourish Foods Team